Monday, April 25, 2016

Meal Prepping

Happy Monday yall!!  Ok I know we all have those days/weeks we feel like we are running and still not catching up.  Well that has been me for the past well probably like 3 weeks and now I have started "nesting" and decided to pull my tiny house apart to "clean" it.  Yep so not the best idea but it will be worth it when (if) I finish. No, I will get it done!  (determined).

So this week is super busy with doctor appointments, sugar test, bank/house stuff, ball practice, our first ball game (and this mommy hasn't gotten ball socks or his team shirt yet, yeah can you say behind) and just regular house/family stuff thrown in there.  Oh yeah and my cleaning mess that is all over the place and I was planning on having a yard sale.  Geez tired just thinking about it at the moment. 

So with everything going on planning a meal is not something I really want to think about or have time for.  It would be so easy to just run through a drive thru a few nights but well that gets expensive, isn't very yummy or very healthy, so dinner planning is a must. 
To help make it easier on us all here is some meal prepping help from Autumn, author of 21 day fix. 

Hopefully it will help you and me!  Meal prepping with Autumn

Here is a week of non cooking meal prepping also.  no cook prep

Have a great Monday and I promise to get back with my tutorials on my crafts and I have a few heart felt baby posts I want to share but it has been crazy busy here so trying to stay connected with short quick posts.  But I will make some time soon!


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