Thursday, April 14, 2016

4 years have passed but Hi! Let me reintroduce myself!

Well Hi there!  Is there anyone there?  If so thanks for being patient with me or welcome because you must be new.  So lets see, I have been a little slack in my blogging, like 4 years slack to be exact.  Life happened and well time for blogging somehow went right out the window.  We had some wonderful blessings during those 4 years and some terrible trying times also.  I will try to catch you up a bit just so I feel like I can reintroduce myself to those that have stuck around and those that are just stopping by for the first time.  (I know I like to have a little back ground info on the blogs I follow, I like to connect with people). 

Ok so I was a mommy of 2 in 2012 and now I am a mommy of 3 with a surprise on the way.  I have 3 little boys- Conner turning 7 tomorrow, Gavin just turned 4 in January, and Holden just turned 2 in February.   We are not awaiting a new surprise bundle of joy that is actually due on my birthday, July 29th.  We have stayed team green till this point but maybe caving in soon.  (more on that in a future post)

I have been married to my sweet hubby for 13, almost 14 years.  We have had rough moments with early miscarriages, house issues, and life but it has always made us stronger.  He is as unromantic as they come and I could eat up romance novels. (well before I had children now I only read children's stories, there is no time for mommy to read adult books)  We are a bit different but go together perfectly and seem to balance each other out.  He loves to hunt, fish, and build things.  I keep him busy with crafts, projects, and my next "big idea". 

I am a stay at home mommy but try to help with the finances when and where I can (this is where the "big ideas" come in).  I am crafty and do it for the love of it but am learning how to make a living with it some too.  I used to teach Kindergarten and then 1st grade.  I taught for 5 years and then after 3 miscarriages we were blessed with our 1st baby and I started staying home.  After my second little man was born I started blogging and stumbled upon Paparazzi Accessories.  I had never sold anything in my life but after my hubby gave the go ahead I jumped in.  It really was fun and helped build my confidence going to events and hosting parties.  (If you are interested in checking it out you can visit my website here.  All pieces are $5, you can't beat that!)  After my 3rd little guy came I was feeling a bit out of shape and decided to give T 25 a chance to get back into fitness.  During that time we had a horrible family battle over land (a really long story) and moved very quickly when my baby was only 2 months old.  We stayed about 8 months with my parents and I was desperate to get out and help more financially.  Well we were enjoying shakeology and I decided to take the leap and start coaching with Beach Body.  I really signed up more to just get the discount on my shakes but it was amazing how many people were interested, felt connected, and needed the support as much as I did.  Never thought I would be a fitness coach but I fell in love with it.  Piyo was my go to program and while I had never done pilates or yoga, I loved it!  A few months later my hubby finally jumped on the wagon with me.  He was over weight, high blood pressure, and had terrible eating habits.  I got him started on 21 Day Fix and he lost 28 pounds in the first 21 days.  I was so proud and he was hooked.  Blood pressure lowered and just so much healthier.  So I have enjoyed my beach body job for almost 2 years now.  If you would like more info on coaching, programs, have questions or just need support please let me know.  I run free groups every month so it is not just about selling a program.  If you would like to check my site out you can click, healthy.  I am now thinking about subbing until this little one comes and starting an Etsy shop.  (I always and planning and thinking of how I can help financially, we have a house payment coming up and debt makes me nervous.)

Along with all the babies and new jobs/hobbies I have going on, we are finally making ground on building a house.  Our house story is a long and messy one and has been about 6 years in the making.  But Praise God we are finally getting there.  Just waiting on the bank and then we can start.  I am actually getting so impatient.  I know if I can wait 6 years, that 30 days should not be too much to ask but ahh it is killing me. 

So that is a quick idea of what I have been up to.  You can expect to find plenty of house stuff, crafts, recipes, kids stories, fitness, encouraging scriptures, rants, raves, tips, trick, and well just about anything else on this blog.  I hope you come back to visit.  I do have some serious/emotional things to share soon and I guess that is what got me to pick the old blog back up.  Being a stay at home mommy leaves me longing for company and adult interaction, so hopeful to make some new friends. 

Oh and I almost forgot.  You can find me on facebook at My Blessed Mess.  I have lots of recipes, tips, exercises, crafts, and funny things on there for you to check out.    Have a wonderful day and I hope you come back! 


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