Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Great Bed time Books

Ok I am behind again.  But at least years haven't passed. :) Three little boys and being pregnant with a little miss and trying to build our first and only house, well, it keeps one hopping.  I have blog posts started but not finished and with trying my hand at my Etsy shop and doing paint parties I have been a bit busy.  All that being said I stumbled upon a post about some great Bed time Books.  Now my boys have loved "Goodnight Moon" and I haven't minded reading it over and over at all but I know some books they love are long or drive me a bit crazy.  They are very into trains at the moment.  So this is a nice list of some books that I have already enjoyed and some I want to add to my list. 

You can check the books out here and also while on the topic of books don't forget about a great opportunity to build a free library for your little one.  Check out the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  I posted about it in this blog post a bit ago. 

Enjoy the books and the rest of your week!