Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cutest Owl Cake and Decorations

I made the cutest (well in my opinon) owl cake last Saturday for my little boy's baby shower.  Unlike a traditional shower that happens before your little bundle of joy arrives, we had a welcome to the world shower.  Gavin decided to come 2 weeks before the scheduled shower and about 6 weeks before his due date.  I had never been to a shower for the baby after they were born so I had no idea what kind of invites to send out.  I finally thought of "Looks Whos Here" and that led me to the idea of owls.  I did not have a blog then so I only have a few pics, sorry but here are a few of my ideas. 

First, I googled owl cakes and found Anita's blog "Leave Room for Dessert" she had the cutest owl cake and great instructions.  I did not follow her recipe but I did use her idea of tracing my pans and then drawing my pic and cutting out my pieces.  I used a regular box of chocolate cake mix and added half a box of instant choc pudding to help the batter be firmer so it would be easier to work with and I used applesauce instead of oil.  (It was super yummy by the way) After I cooked the cake and it cooled for awhile I traced my pans and then drew my owl on those circles.  I then cut out my pattern pieces to see what I would need to cut from my cake. 
My cut out cake.  One whole round was left alone and I cut the other one up.  Again sorry I did not take pics of the process but check out Leave Room for Dessert for a more detailed tutorial.
Some of my pattern pieces.
I laid my pattern back on my cake to see where the frosting should go.  I used a toothpick to poke holes in the cake to leave the design so I could frost around it.  And I was not exact so just have fun with it.

I made my own icing from a Wiltons box that I bought from Michaels.  I don't like the super sweet stuff so I used the whipped icing.  It is yummy but it does not get firm so it will not show the details that buttercream will.
Frosted cake :)
I made one large bowl of icing and then pulled out a little bit at time to color. I used the Wilton icing dye not food coloring and I used M&Ms for the eyes.  Over all I think it was adorable, not professional but perfect for me and my boys will know it was made with love. 

I also made the very few decorations for the party.  I could not find anything in the stores so if you can't buy it make it!  Way more fun and super cheap.  I picked up 6 pieces of felt from the store for 0.29cents each.  Then I drew out different owl parts wings, eyes, body, etc in differnt sized and started tracing on my material.  A little hot glue and a few buttons later (buttons were for the eyes) and here are my owls.

Felt owls (sorry bad picture and this is only a few of them.)
Anyway this was super fun and super cheap to do.  A store bought or professionally made cake would have cost me more than $20.  Mine was about $6 and a little time baking with my family and planning out the design.  The owls cost about $2.  I think it was successful have fun and if you make a owl cake let me know.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome to Blogging World!

Well I have followed and fallen in love with blogs for over a year and today I decided to dip my toes in the blogging water.  I do not have anything life shattering to share today because well as my blog name implies I have a messy day sometimes and today was one of them.  :)  I started creating this blog at 1:00pm and now it is 9:32pm.  My little ones seem to take most of my time and attention but that is the best and sometimes most aggervating part of my life.  But I love them!  They are two of the best little boys ever and God has truely blessed me with them.  After three miscarriages I was finally able to concieve and deliever my 1st little miracle, Conner.  Then about 2 1/2 years later Gavin made his arrival, quite a bit early, but he is doing well.  We had a small stay in the nicu but through many prayers he is healthy and happy.  And though he was a tiny little 5lbs he is my little chunky monkey now.  :)  (Momma's milk works wonders)  Anyway back to my day (sorry I tend to ramble quite a bit, my husband always tells me to step on the clutch between stories) when I started my blog both of my dumplins were sleeping but that only lasted a few moments then the need for a sudden bath took precedence and well dishes, laundry, dinner, feedings, and bed time seemed to consume the rest of the evening.  But here I am typing away when I really only meant to sit down and give you a few sentences.  Oh well that is what I mean about rambling.  Anyway this blog will probably not tell you anything life shattering but between naps and house work and whatever else my day throws my way I will try to have something amusing or helpful or fun to share when the time permits.  I hope you have had a wonderful day and will come back and see me again.  May God bless you tonight!