Friday, July 13, 2012

Devotional Frame

Are y'all as busy as I am?  I am sure you are, and having a new little one gives busy a whole new meaning.  When my littlest man arrived early we were not ready for him and I feel like I have been running to catch up since then.  In trying to find time for everything I needed to do and for a few things I wanted to do, I realized that I kept cutting my devotional time.  I stilled prayed but it was a hurried prayer and revolved mainly around my family.  I didn't take the time to read anymore and with orders to not have the baby exposed to any germs we didn't attend church for almost 3 months.  So not only was I not getting any spiritual time at home I wasn't getting any at church.

At night or in the shower when I had a moment to myself I would think about it and tell myself I would strive for better tomorrow.  Well better took a few weeks but I found some devotional ideas online that we could do as a family.  Not only did I want my own time I wanted to make sure I had a daily devotional as a family and instilled it in my children early. 

I found some great ideas online that I will share with you, but I wanted to show you my devotional frame.  

I started off with a prayer tent (explained below) but I knew I wanted something I could use week after week and not have to make, also something that I would see everyday that would serve as a reminder in case I got busy again.  I had seen people use old windows for decorations and organizations and I thought why not a picture frame.   I planned out how many spaces I would need a bought a frame that size. 

I wanted a spot for people/situations that we need to pray for.  A place to list some of the blessings we have received that week/things we were thankful for.  A spot for a bible verse that we could all learn and a place to write down the bible story I would be reading to my little people that week.

I found a very cheap frame at Michael's and then bought 2 different colors of scrap booking paper.  I used black letter stickers to title each square.  Prayers-Blessings-Memory Verse-Bible Story

I hung the frame in the kitchen so that I know we will see it each day and so that we can incorporate it when we pray over dinner and while we talk.  I use a dry erase marker to change the info each week.

I try to make sure my kiddo helps come up with at least one blessing and one thing/person to pray about. 

Ok here are a few more ideas I found that I thought were great.

*Prayer tent-each week you fold a piece of paper into the shape of a tent (triangle).  Let your little one decorate it and then write at least 3 people/situations that you need to pray about on it and take it out during your devo time.

*God's creations walk- take a walk and really stop and look at and discuss all that God has made and given us.  Take in the wonder of all his wonderful creations.

*Prayer in the car-if you go past someone that is pulled over, broke down, or an abandoned car you can say a prayer for that person and their situation, or pray for the family in a house you pass by.

*Read a Bible story at night and discuss how it made you feel, or child feel, how did the people in the story feel?  How did God work in that story?

*Tithe-change a dime into 10 pennies and put give 9 to your child to put in his piggy bank and 1 in the Jesus Jar to show giving a 10th.  As they get older you can give them more and they can take what they have earned to give a 10th.

*Praise-devotion with music learn Praise songs and have time to sing and dance to the Lord to show Praise and Love.
These ideas came from Focus on the Family and a search.  I hate that I am not giving credit where credit is due but I can not find that page again.  They were written by a mother that had 3 girls I think.  Sorry again but I just searched on google and stumbled across her info, but I did not think about writing it down.

So what do you do for devotional time?  What are some neat ways you share God with your kids or carve out time for yourself?

As a side note my husband and I teach our youth at church 7-12th grade and I would love any ideas for activities to do with them.  If you have some great ideas please share.  Have a wonderful weekend and take time to enjoy God's blessings.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Returning Soon!

I know I have been gone for a while sorry kinda like over 2 weeks. But I will be back by the end of this week with lots of fun stuff to share.  I have been super busy with VBS, vacation, fourth of July, and the kiddos.  I hope you all had a wonderful fourth and you are enjoying your summer.  I will see you in a bit!