Thursday, April 21, 2016

Etsy Shop!!

Well I finally did it yall!  I finally made an Etsy Shop!  Ok so some of you are probably not very impressed but if you knew me you so would be.  See I have LOTS of ideas but well then I get to worrying about everything and I will talk myself out of them or with 3 little boys I get side tracked. 

I have wanted to open an Etsy shop for about 4 years.  I was sewing a lot and making the cutest little things and well someone needed to buy them, of course.  But I was a chicken.  I was scared to take the plunge and Etsy was new so I did not trust it yet and well I was just nervous.  So instead I would go to one little craft fair each year and take my goodies there.  Problem was, the event was always outside and it was cold and well I didn't know much to help make myself successful. 

I was more concerned that no one felt pressured or that I was too expensive so I was a terrible sales man.  I would speak to someone at my table and answer a few questions but end it with "but don't feel pressured to buy anything."  (I actually still really do that way too much but gosh I want people to know I am trying to be helpful but not pushing, so don't want anyone to ever feel like I am being pushy.)  And my prices were always way lower than everyone else that was selling the same thing and then I would still feel guilty if it was someone I knew and feel I should make it cheaper.  I have learned that being polite with prices is not the best way either.  People think something is wrong with your product.  Example- I was making adorable little dresses and I only charged around $12-15 for each one.  (didn't want to rip anyone off to make a profit so I only asked a little more than the material I had in each piece- never thought to consider my time and energy)  Well I would have people come look at mine and ask the price and then go look somewhere else and pay double for the same item.  It blew my mind.  I mean really who does that!?  I am all about a good deal.  Well this happened several times and I had a friend tell me it was because they were too cheap.  (Really can anything ever be too cheap! Not in my opinion)  I also had the lady at the fabric counter tell me the same thing when I was buying material one day.  She worked events and said low prices were not the best, people that your product was cheap then.  Well it still baffled me.  I mean look at my quality was always the same or sometimes better.  But it is a lesson I have learned is true so I am trying to do better with my pricing and taking my time and effort into consideration. 

Well my sewing days have kinda fallen to the side but I have been making cute wooden things and just got a Cricut to work with vinyl.  (So excited!!)  Well we are getting ready to finally build a house and I want to help out some with the bills so I decided to bite the bullet, pull the trigger, jump off the bridge, (sorry but it really was dramatic for me), take the plunge and open *gasp* my Etsy shop. 

Ok after all that drama it should be this big wonderful thing right!  With like 50+ items right!  Well nope, try more like 5 items (hey I just started) and not a whole lot of frill and flare.  I did however design me a little graphic to go with my shop name today and I am working on making a banner.  But as little and insignificant as it is I am super excited about it.  Not sure if it will get any traffic but hey going to give it a go. 

So if you are inclined stop by and take a peek at my little shop.  I am hoping to fill it up soon and I will be sharing all about it here.  **Yay!**  I know you are excited ;)

My Blessed Mess Gifts
And let me know what you think about it.  Seriously I am sure I really need some good advice.  Thanks and happy Thursday!!

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