Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Thoughts

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day and realize how truly blessed you are to have children.  Even when they drive you absolutely BONKERS, they are still such a blessing. :)  It took me and my husband 4 years and 3 miscarriages to finally have our 1st little man.  And though I have moments I would like to mail him to my friend in St. Louis I am thankful for him every day. (Our children are 6 days apart and we used to live near each other so we joke a lot about getting them together through the mail)  He can drive me up a wall and then make me smile all at the same time.  He just turned 3 and I am amazed everyday by the things he learns and most of the things he says. 

Now that I have been blessed to enjoy Mother's Day, as mother, I can still remember how not so long ago I hurt every time it came around.  I have friends and family that have lost their babies or are still in that trying boat, and my heart is especially heavy for them on Mother's Day.  I pray that the Lord will comfort their pain and fill that hole in their heart.

Well here are a few pictures of Mother's Day projects I have made in the past.  What did you do for Mother's Day?  I would love to see.

Hand towels with ribbon trim and iron on letters.  I loved how it looked embroidered but was only iron letters.  (even though I so wish I had an embroidering machine, sigh dreaming)

This is a rug I made from place mats.  Got the idea from my friend Abby at  I bought three fabric place mats from Walmart and then I bought some spray adhesive.  I placed the mats how I wanted them and then just picked up the over lapping spots and sprayed according to the directions.  This one was for my momma.  I think it looks like a fancy mat you could buy from a store.  :)

This rug is made from place mats too.  I bought 3 plastic place mats from Walmart and over lapped the two green ones just a bit and covered them with the gray one.  Then I used some more spray adhesive to make them stick.  After they dried I used stencils to paint them.  This one was for my mother in law and I made one with red mats for my Grandma.  My mother in law used her mat for a table runner instead of a rug and it looks great!

Well those were my Mother's Day projects from last year.  This year I made every one a Spring time wreath.  Sorry it was way too busy I didn't even snap one pic. 

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  1. Andrea,
    It looks like you have been busy!! Cute ideas for the rugs! Glad you had a Happy Mother's Day and I hope your little men are doing well! We need to get together, I miss you all!

    1. Oh me too we miss yall a ton! Hope your Mother's Day was fantastic!!

  2. You can mail him to me anytime! My little lady needs some company. That square mat is so nifty, I didn't know you did a square one. I like it.