Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diaper Wreath

I have seen diaper wreaths and diaper cakes every where lately.  They are super and make an adorable gift but some are way over priced.  I can not even fathom how some people could be able or willing to put over $50 in a diaper wreath.  I am sorry I love cute, I love adorable, but I am practical. It has got to be affordable.  Ok I can hear some of you "she is just being cheap", not cheap but smart and crafty.  :)   I decided I could make one just as cute for a much more manageable price. 

Again let me apologize in advance I do not have tutorial pictures.  Sorry I was not a blogger when I made this wreath so I only have a picture of the finished product, but trust me you can follow it with out pictures.  Plus there are tons of tutorials out there.  I saw a very cute one tonight from and it made me decide to go ahead and post about mine. 

Materials you will need: (or at least that I used)
Foam wreath form (very cheap from JoAnns or Michaels)
Thin ribbon
Flowers (or blocks or baby toys anything you want really)
1/2 inch ribbon for bows (again you could change it up to anything you would like to decorate with)

Then I took my diapers and turned them backwards so that all you could see was the white part.  I wrapped the diaper around the wreath and then pinched it tight at the top and secured it with a ribbon.  Most people tie bows or use wire but I liked it just knotted with the ribbon flowing down some.  As you add a new diaper just push the others close together.  I thought I had tied my last diaper about 3 times but then I could always push them closer for one more.  :) 

After you are happy with your diapers, you get to decorate.  This is where you can be as creative as you want.  You can add ribbon, toys, flowers, bows, towels, wash cloths, blocks, etc.  I have seen tons of different ways.  I liked cute and simple a little better than the ones that were filled with so much stuff.  I decided to stick with a few large flowers and some pretty bows. 

I tied up a few bows, pulled my flowers apart and got my hot glue gun heated up.  Then just arrange your decorations the way you would like and get ready to glue them on.  Try to pull the diapers apart where you want to stick things so you can glue to the form and not the diapers.  (That way the diapers can still be used later.)  If you do get some glue on a diaper you can always just give a few extra diapers to the recipient to use in place of the glued one.

Well that is the basic idea have fun, change it around and do what you think is adorable.  They make very cute gifts that don't wilt like flowers and that can be hung up even at a hospital. 

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