Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend laughs

Well this post started out going to be a Friday Family Faves but after our mishaps on Friday it turned into more of a Friday Funny.  I will give you the long and the short of it in a bit.  Just remember it is all about observation.  :)

First I wanted to share my favorite meal this week.  Oh it was so good I telling you.  I really wouldn't mind sitting down and having it again tonight.  We grilled pork chops that my father in law raised (well he raised the pig that became the chop)  We actually named the pigs Bacon and Pork chop (who later came to be fondly called The Devil Hog) and I just kept my distance so I didn't get attached.   Sorry I am rambling and completely off the topic of dinner.  So we had grilled chops, stewed fresh potatoes, squash and onions, cabbage, and peas.  All the veggies came from the local farmers market except the peas, they were courtesy of a can.  And it was delish!  That is exactly how my 3 year old described it.  "This is de-lis-E-us Mommy!"

My big boy loves his brother but he doesn't always want to have a lot to do with him.  He will speak to him and play with him occasionally but he normally is busy doing his own thing.  On Wednesday I was putting away the laundry when I walked in on this.

Isn't that just sweet.  It melted my heart I tell ya.  I know they are gonna be best buds, when they are not fighting.  ;)

Oh and I have to share these cookies.  Yum they are so good.  I love dark chocolate and I rarely go down the cookie aisle but I needed some Nilla Wafer for a recipe and saw theses. 
You should so try them. (I will share the yummy dessert I am making for Father's Day later this week)

Ok now are you ready to laugh at strangers.  Come on sure you are.

Friday afternoon we ran by Babies R Us so I could exchange my little ones flip flops.  I left my hubby and boys in the van since I was just running in for a second.  They didn't have the right size so I was in and out in a matter of minutes.  I was thinking about where we were going next as I grabbed the handle of the van when I saw a huge scratch on the side door.  I let go of the door to examine the scratch and was still looking at it when I opened the door again about to tell my husband about it, when I noticed him waving frantically at me through the widow of the van I was trying to get in.  It was then that I realized he was a van over and there was a strange women staring at me.  I mumbled an apology and shut the door and ran to my van.  I was laughing about the whole thing as my hubby started lecturing me about how unobservant I am.  (now in my defense I was gone like 1 minute and the van was right in front of ours, same color, same make and model)    So we make it back on the road as he is still fussing about me being unobservant and telling me a story our preacher told about him being not being observant.  Then we go stomping on the breaks to keep from running a red light.  Now who was not paying attention.  Haha!  He was not paying attention to the lights as he was telling me a story about being unobservant because of my lack of attention.  Ok it was funny.

Hope you have a great week!  I will be trying out this magic shower cleaner, that is all over pinterest, and I will let you know how it works out.

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  1. Those two are so cute together!! Love your story...I would so do something like that! :)