Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Tidbits

Well I had high hopes for today :) but well life happened.  But I am so ok with it.  Let me tell you what my perfectly planned day consisted of.  I was going to link up to a few parties(something I just started this week yay), add a new post about a cute craft, do some sewing, and clean the dishes all with plenty of time for myself to relax and enjoy my little one.  My mother in law came to get my 2 yr old for a little fun so I should have no reason not to get to all my tasks.  Well it is 2 and I still have done none of those things.  My little one was a little extra fussy and then I spent most of the morning talking with my cousin via skype about some issues she is facing.  And while I look at all the things I didn't do I did take the time to spend with the people that needed me at the moment.  I love spending time with my little one and anytime I can connect with my family is great.  My cousin has moved away and it has left such a little hole in my heart we were crafting pals and she is having a rocky go right now so what we both needed was to chat and see each other. 
Well that is it nothing exciting today sorry, but do remember to take the time to slow down and spend with those who matter to you.  If a friend or family member comes to mind go ahead and make the call, God has a way of putting those people on your heart and mind when they need you or maybe you need them. 
Anyway have a wonderful weekend, enjoy and relax, and of course try to create when you can!  :)  Whether it is food, fashion, or home decor find something that interests you.  Oh and hopefully next week I will have two new posts a yummy recipe and a cute craft. 
Oh oh I do have a small tip!!  I know everyone eats bread and no one likes to eat a sandwich on the end pieces so when they are all you have left cut them into 3 wide strips and put them in a freezer bag.  Then when you are ready to make some french toast pull them out and toss them in some egg, milk, and cinnamon and cook away.  You now have finger friendly french toast sticks for your little ones.  :)  Or you can always toast them for homemade croutons.

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  1. Great idea for the bread!! French toast sounds really good actually! Also, I like what you posted about slowing down and spending time with those who matter, so true and important!! Speaking of we need to get together sometime in the near future! Give hugs to the boys!