Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Springy Ruffle Wreath

Ok I have a quick, easy, and very cute craft to share today.  Spring has sprung and every where I look I see these adorable wreaths on doors.  Most have big ribbons and flowers, and while I am not against that look, it is everywhere and well I wanted something a bit different.  I needed a springy cute wreath for my door that didn't cost a fortune.  I found a blog called Tattered and Inked and she had made a huge ruffly wreath with a bright pop of color so I decided to try my hand at it.  I did not put near as many ruffles on mine because I liked the material better and well pushing 100 plus straight pins into a foam ring starts to wear on the fingers.  So it turned out to be a bit mismatchy but fun and I love it!!  Hope you enjoy.

I do not have a complete tutorial for this wreath (again made it before I entered blogging world) but it is very simple and I will break it down for you.  I bought a cheap foam wreath from Michaels, but any wreath form will work.  Then I found some super fun and bright fabric from Hancocks and some brown felt.  I cut a skinny long rectangle out of my material and then wrapped it around my wreath form and pinned it.  Oh use small silver topped straight pins so they don't show.  Ok now for the part that takes a bit more time.  You need to trace and cut out lots I mean lots of brown circles.  You can make them as big as you want just play around with different sizes of circles.  (Plan to cut the circles when you have lots of time on your hands like if you are riding in the car or you can cut them out while you watch tv.)  After you have your circles you will want to pinch and twist them and then stick a pin in them.  You can put as many or as few circles as you want.  The wreath I saw was completely covered with felt petals but I wanted my fabulous fabric to show more, so I went around in a thin line.  Then I took the same fabric and cut out a very thin super long strip to make a bow out of.  I used pinking shears to cut mine to add some cute detail to the sides.  Then I tied a floppy big six ruffle bow. 

I found a big button in my stash and sewed it to the middle.  Lastly I pinned it on the wreath.  I wanted a little more contrast so I added some pale blue ribbon with brown polka dots.  (who doesn't love polka dots) The ribbon did not really match but it works for some reason.  I also used the ribbon to make a loop at the top to attach it to my door.  Ok now go out and make one for yourself.  Change it around a bit and make it your own.  :)  You could also add a painted wooden letter instead of a bow or in the middle for your last name if you would like. 

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  1. hmmm I have yet to make a Spring wreath, might have to give one a try. Yours is super cute!

    1. Ahh thanks I was happy with it. I love the fabric!