Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome to Blogging World!

Well I have followed and fallen in love with blogs for over a year and today I decided to dip my toes in the blogging water.  I do not have anything life shattering to share today because well as my blog name implies I have a messy day sometimes and today was one of them.  :)  I started creating this blog at 1:00pm and now it is 9:32pm.  My little ones seem to take most of my time and attention but that is the best and sometimes most aggervating part of my life.  But I love them!  They are two of the best little boys ever and God has truely blessed me with them.  After three miscarriages I was finally able to concieve and deliever my 1st little miracle, Conner.  Then about 2 1/2 years later Gavin made his arrival, quite a bit early, but he is doing well.  We had a small stay in the nicu but through many prayers he is healthy and happy.  And though he was a tiny little 5lbs he is my little chunky monkey now.  :)  (Momma's milk works wonders)  Anyway back to my day (sorry I tend to ramble quite a bit, my husband always tells me to step on the clutch between stories) when I started my blog both of my dumplins were sleeping but that only lasted a few moments then the need for a sudden bath took precedence and well dishes, laundry, dinner, feedings, and bed time seemed to consume the rest of the evening.  But here I am typing away when I really only meant to sit down and give you a few sentences.  Oh well that is what I mean about rambling.  Anyway this blog will probably not tell you anything life shattering but between naps and house work and whatever else my day throws my way I will try to have something amusing or helpful or fun to share when the time permits.  I hope you have had a wonderful day and will come back and see me again.  May God bless you tonight!


  1. I found you! I saw your picture in my followers box...yay for you! I have a blogging buddy! =))

  2. Yahh!! Welcome Andrea! :) I now have a follower who isn't myself, so exciting!